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Switzerland is famous for its charming villages and mountainous regions that cover most of the country. Bern, the capital, will delight you with its medieval-style old town and numerous museums such as the Zentrum Paul Klee and the Historical Museum. In Zurich, the country's largest metropolis, take a boat ride on its peaceful lake, visit

Go skiing, snowboarding and explore the stunning alpine landscapes
Swiss Alps
Marvel at one of the most iconic peaks in the world
Go to one among the best-preserved of medieval European castles
Chillon Castle
Hike a wildlife treasure and nature paradise for some magnificent views
Swiss National Park
Enjoy nature at an idyllic mountain village tucked away in the Swiss Alps
Experience adventure sports amid the breathtaking scenery
Visit a luxury alpine resort town, with a cosmopolitan ambiance
Saint Moritz
Ride on one of the most scenic train journeys in the world
Bernina Express
Be captivated by a charming town famous for its cheese and the Gruyeres Castle
Enjoy a boat cruise, and visit the charming town of Montreux
Lake Geneva

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What is the highest mountain in the Swiss Alps?
Why is Swiss chocolate so famous?
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