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Switzerland promises to surprise you with the charm of its lakes and alpine landscapes.
Switzerland is famous for its charming villages and mountainous regions that cover most of the country. Bern, the capital, will delight you with its medieval-style old town and numerous museums such as the Zentrum Paul Klee and the Historical Museum. In Zurich, the country's largest metropolis, take a boat ride on its peaceful lake, visit major museums and enjoy magnificent views from the top of the Uetliberg mountains. In the city of Geneva, you will appreciate the architecture of St. Peter's Cathedral and the charm of the Place de Bourg-de-Four. Guests can enjoy a walk along the shores of Lake Geneva while admiring the superb jet of water. At the other end of the lake, near Lausanne, is the impressive medieval castle of Chillon. To the north, the beautiful Rhine Falls are among the highest in Europe. Adventurers will have the opportunity to explore the many mountains: Jungfrau, Matterhorn and Eiger are the most famous peaks. In winter, Switzerland offers more than 200 ski resorts.
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FAQs for Switzerland

  • What languages are spoken in Switzerland?
    Switzerland has four official languages: German, French, Italian, and Romansh.

  • What is the highest mountain in the Swiss Alps?
    With 4,634 meters, La Pointe Dufour, in the south, is the highest mountain in Switzerland.

Things to do and see in Switzerland

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