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United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is the full name of the country, which is a combination of its four constituent states: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. The United Kingdom is rich in history and tradition, which in turn has given rise to many regional differences in cultures, languages, religions and ethnic groups. Although there are many

United Kingdom
Witness landmarks like Big Ben and Buckingham Palace
Experience the city's vibrant arts and cultural scene
Go to a historic city, home of the University of Oxford
Visit a historic university town with historic architecture
Tour the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world
Windsor Castle
Hike through stunning landscapes and witness Loch Ness
Scottish Highlands
Admire a well-preserved Roman public bathing facility
The Roman Baths
Enjoy the cultural vibrancy of a port city
Discover the Welsh capital with its historic Cardiff Castle
Reconnect with nature by hiking along mountain lakes
Lake District National Park
See dramatic cliffs and magnificent geological formations
Giant's Causeway

Festivals - United Kingdom

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