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A country with a rich historical and artistic heritage, a culture defined by fashion and gastronomy renowned for its authenticity, Italy is a unique place of its kind.
Italy is the dream destination for all history enthusiasts. Lovers of nature or cuisine, you'll be captivated by its authentic landscapes and gastronomy. You won't be able to skip Rome, a capital teeming with impressive historical heritage. Discover the most important relic of Roman history, the Colosseum but also the Vatican or monuments recognized for its beauty such as the Trevi Fountain. For art history buffs, Florence is a must-see. Renaissance city and the favorite spot of artists like Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo, it is a real open-air museum. In the same region that is Tuscany, you can also admire the famous Tower of Pisa! Looking for natural landscapes, come for a hike in the Dolomites range, a Unesco World Heritage Site, you'll be amazed! Another ideal place for hiking or boating, the Cinque Terres with its 5 colorful villages perched on the cliffs. If you want to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea, come stroll on the beautiful sandy beaches of Sardinia. A must-see in Italy, it's Venice with its gondola rides. Lovers of design and fashion, Milan is for you! You will be charmed by its diversity of neighborhoods and museums. What would Italy be without its famous gastronomy? Come and taste its delicious pasta, pizzas, or risottos renowned worldwide. Naples, the birthplace of the famous pizza, or Bologna will be dream cities for all food lovers.
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FAQs for Italy

  • Is it possible to visit the Italian sewing workshops?
    Unfortunately, sewing workshops do not open their doors to the public. However, if you want to know more about fashion, there is the Museum of Fashion and Costume in Florence or the Palazzo Morando in Milan.

  • Where can you taste the best culinary specialties in Italy?
    For pizza it is in Naples, pasta and mozzarella heading to Rome, risotto and tiramisu it is in the north of the country, respectively in Lombardy and Veneto and Italian ice cream in Florence.

Things to do and see in Italy

  • Venice

  • Rome

  • Lake Braies

  • Stromboli

  • Five Lands

  • Milan

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