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United States

The United States, a country of excess with its iconic cities and breathtaking natural landscapes will undoubtedly blow your mind.
The United States, with its 50 states and so many different places is the dream destination to take a full view and come back with memories. Its breathtaking natural landscapes will delight nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. You can explore the Grand Canyon in Arizona, a perfect spot for hiking with panoramic views. Or stroll through Yellowstone National Park, teeming with smoking geysers and wildlife. For more adventures, the road trip seems perfect for you. You can travel from east to west and visit these unrivaled American cities. New York, to the east, of course, is a must with the famous Statue of Liberty. Heading west, you'll find Las Vegas, the city of extravagance and excess par excellence. The United States has a unique history because of its origins with Native American culture. This singular aspect is still present today with a great ethnic diversity that cannot be found anywhere else. To appreciate this diversity, New Orleans, the cradle of blues and jazz, remains a flagship destination. The west coast with San Francisco and its impressive Golden Gate Bridge but also Los Angeles will charm moviegoers with its legendary Hollywood Boulevard.
United States
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FAQs for United States

  • What are the amusement parks not to be missed in the United States?
    The United States is home to the world's largest amusement parks. Highlights include Universal Studios Hollywood in California, Walt Disney Resort and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, both in Florida.

  • What are the musical styles of American culture?
    Apart from the blues and jazz that have appeared in New Orleans, there is also gospel, country, rock or hip-hop.

Things to do and see in United States

  • New York City

  • Chicago

  • San Francisco

  • Grand Canyon

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