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Germany offers a rich combination of experiences for its visitors, whether for cultural discoveries in the city or adventures in the wild.
Located in the western part of Europe, Germany offers travellers a multitude of natural and urban landscapes. Hiking enthusiasts will find their happiness at the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. Boatboat enthusiasts are sure to discover the network of lakes and rivers with the crystal clear waters of Mecklenburg. Germany's major cities reveal a rich heritage. Berlin, the capital, is proving to be a historic and modern metropolis. You can visit the Reichstag Palace, Berlin Cathedral or the Brandenburg Gate. Hamburg is a surprising city for its architectural achievements and the vastness of its port. In Munich, you can watch the Nymphenburg Palace, feast at the famous Beer Festival or support the Bayern Munich football team. The city of Cologne is a must-see city with its impressive cathedral. To relax, head to Baden-Baden, where thermal baths and lazy day are waiting for you.
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FAQs for Germany

  • How did Germany form?
    The Carolingian Empire of Charlemagne was divided into three territories in the 9th century. Louis the Germanic received the Eastern Francie, which would become Germany.

  • In which city in Germany was the famous cake called the Black Forest invented?
    The pastry chefs Josef Keller and Erwin Hildenbrand claim the authorship of the Black Forest cake, the recipe of which was invented either in Bad Godesberg in 1915 or in Tubingen in 1930.

Things to do and see in Germany

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