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France owes its uniqueness to its cultural diversity. Each region has something unique to offer and has its own identity. You can practice all kinds of activities that will suit everyone tastes: lounging and strolling along the turquoise waters of the Riviera Coast or for the more adventurous go skiing in the Alps at the


Things to do and see - France

Have a romantic escape in the city of love, and see the Eiffel Tower
Step inside a palace, a symbol of royal splendor in French history
Palace of Versailles
Go skiing and enjoy a winter wonderland in the French Alps
Marvel at a medieval abbey on a picturesque island
Mont Saint-Michel
Explore renowned vineyards and taste exquisite French wines
Relax on glamorous beaches and explore charming coastal towns
French Riviera
Experience the beauty of vibrant lavender fields in the summer
Enjoy outdoor activities and breathtaking mountain views
Visit magnificent castles and impressive historical towns
Loire Valley
See beautiful gardens that inspired Claude Monet's paintings
Go to vineyards offering wine tours and tastings

Festivals - France

- France

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