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Asia is a massive continent with astonishing cultural and geographical diversity. The discovery will be exciting for many tourists, whether for history, architecture, or art. Similarly, the activities to be done are just as numerous.
The first visit can start with the temples of Bagan in Burma. This archaeological site, covered with pagodas and temples, form what can be described as an idyllic landscape. On the Chinese side, Mount Huangshan will delight hiking enthusiasts who are fearless and who want to access this mountain 1800 meters above sea level. In China, it will be time to take the opportunity to admire an archaeological site impressive by its scale, namely, the terracotta soldiers of Xian. Zhangjiajie National Park in Hunan province is also worth considering, where a breathtaking landscape of 3000 peaks of approximately 200 meters can be observed. In Japan, the spring season is ideal for seeing the cherry blossoms in Kyoto, and the magnificent temples found there. A little further towards Indonesia and, more precisely, in Java, Mount Bromo will make some tourists shiver with its impressive landscape. This place is sacred to the Hindu inhabitants of Java, and elsewhere, the wow effect is felt at sunrise. Also, in Java, it is impossible to miss one of the world's most significant Buddhist monuments, the Borobudur temple. Its particularity is that it looks like a monumental pyramid decorated with beautiful reliefs. It is impossible to forget India on a trip to Asia. To this end, the ancient city of Hampi, also known as the last Hindu capital Vijayanagar, will allow archaeology enthusiasts to admire the remains of the palaces and temples of the site. Remember the Taj Mahal, which stands beautifully on its tourist site. Then, the star goes to the Philippines with its famous Banaue rice terraces. It is a wonder since they were created 2000 years ago by the Ifugao tribe. Then, it is necessary to go to Taiwan or, more precisely, to Taroko's gorges. It is an atypical place and arouses the curiosity of many travelers. In Asia, the famous temples of Angkor house relics of the former capital of the Khmer empire are to be seen. Those who want to see snow-capped mountains can settle for Everest in Nepal.

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